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The Future of Home Automation

Safeguard’s iCommand System places the future of home automation in the palm of your hand:

  • Remote Management – manage thermostats, lights and locks via your smartphone
  • Check Status – check alarm status, thermostat temperature and light settings remotely
  • Remote View – view cameras anywhere/anytime
  • Remote Arm/Disarm – a simple button push arms the system remotely when you forget to
  • Event Notification – receive real-time email/text alerts on critical alerts

iCommand is a “Smart” solution that lets you to interact and control your home in exciting new ways. Get added convenience, increased security, critical real-time alerts and even the ability to lower your energy bill to save money.

Web & Mobile Control Services

iSecure – We offer easy-to-use color touch screens that provide remote arm & disarm, wireless monitoring (no phone line needed) and more.

Giving you the power to control your home via your tablet… Safeguard is with you.