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Keep a Watchful Eye on What Matters Most

Safeguard offers the latest home video surveillance technology to view your home from anywhere in the world. Watch your child get home from school via your smartphone. Receive emailed video clips of specified events; like a pool gate opening. The features and benefits offered by video surveillance systems are real:

  • Remote View – remotely view cameras via a smartphone or the internet
  • Video Alerts – get real-time video alerts on events that you want to know about
  • Video Clip Storage – store and access archived clips on a secure site
  • Reduced Cost – advancements in technology have increased camera’s capabilities while reducing their costs
  • Custom Solution – we tailor video surveillance solutions around our Client’s unique needs

Safeguard will put one of the 21st Century’s greatest crime deterrents to work for you. Get superior protection, increased knowledge and true “Peace of Mind” with a video surveillance system.

Tailoring a video surveillance solution around your unique needs… Safeguard is with you.