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Frequently Asked Questions

As a security and technology expert, let Safeguard help you utilize your system and service to the fullest. Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have a different question, or even suggest a question to add to this section, contact us at (480) 609-6250.

Additionally, click here to view service videos for frequently asked questions; including replacing batteries in smoke detectors, thermostats, panels and changing master user codes.

What is the 2G Sunset and how could it affect my alarm system?

The 2G Sunset is the elimination of second-generation (2G) wireless networks by network providers (like AT&T). As data use on wireless networks increases, 2G networks must be shut down to make space for more 3G and 4G networks. Many alarm systems communicate via 2G cellular networks. If a shutdown occurs in your area and your system communicates on a 2G network, it will no longer communicate alarm signals. To see if your system would be affected, and schedule a communications equipment replacement, contact our Service Department at 480.609.6363 or

Click here to learn more about the 2G Sunset.

Why doesn’t my phone work when my alarm goes off?

If you do not have cellular monitoring, your alarm system may communicate through your phone lines. When the system is tripped it will seize the line for five to thirty seconds to dial into our central station. Do not keep trying to dial out manually. Wait for approximately one minute to give the system time to communicate. The more zones tripped, the longer the communication process.

My smoke detectors are chirping, what do I do?

Safeguard smoke detectors do not chirp; they communicate directly with our Central Station. If yours is chirping, the most common cause is that you have a simple battery-powered (usually 9-volt) smoke detector in need of a fresh battery.

How do I change or add a combination to my system?

It depends on the type of system. Please refer to your owner¹s manual or call our customer services department for assistance.

Why is my keypad showing “comm fail”?

You may have had an interruption in service. To clear you will need to arm your system, trip it, and let the siren go for approximately thirty seconds. Enter your combination to silence the alarm and your keypad should clear.