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A comprehensive approach to protection

Upgraded confidence for your community.

We go beyond conventional security and automation to offer innovative solutions customized to your neighborhood’s needs. Our comprehensive approach is supported by our local monitoring center, large patrol fleet and uncompromising commitment to customer service.

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Security Officers

Additional support for your neighborhood.

Our state-licensed security officers offer added peace of mind for your community and act as a dedicated support system.

  • Patrol Officers. Our team will actively monitor your neighborhood to ensure disturbances and issues are handled in a timely, efficient and safe manor.
  • Gate Officers. Our officers serve as the first line of protection by controlling access to your community, coordinating incoming vendors and supporting community members.
Gate Maintenance

Gate Management & Maintenance

Extra eyes for your entrance.

Our certified support staff and on-site teams offer services tailored to your neighborhood, including the monitoring, management and maintenance of all entries and exits.

  • Access Control. Easily manage resident and guest entry with convenient, secure systems that keep accurate records of incoming traffic.
  • Gate Maintenance. Keep vehicle gates in good working order with regular maintenance and timely repairs by our expert team.
Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrol

A fleet at your fingertips.

Our state-licensed officers offer additional support for you and your neighbors, from lock-out services to alarm responses.

  • Mobile Patrol Response. Our officers often respond to alarms before local authorities, allowing them to open the door for police, disarm your system and re-arm your alarm.
  • Lock Out. If you get locked out, we can let you in. We can also grant entry to authorized guests when you aren’t home.
  • Dedicated Vehicle Patrols. An officer will drive through your neighborhood to monitor the grounds and respond to disturbances.
  • Community Support. We can monitor HOA or community guidelines and provide detailed reports of infractions.
  • Speed Enforcement. Our patrol officers are radar-certified to monitor traffic speeds within your community and submit notices of violations.

Vacation Services

Take comfort while you travel.

Our mobile patrol officers provide peace of mind when you’re not home, whether you’re away on a short vacation or gone for months at a time.

  • Perimeter Sweeps. Our team performs perimeter inspections to ensure all points of entry are locked, check for damage, verify there are no landscaping issues and watch for pests.
  • Interior Inspections. We provide regular checks to ensure appliances are working, nothing is left on, no pests are present, plumbing is being maintained and there are no signs of forced entry.
  • Mail Holding Services. We will collect all incoming mail and keep it until you arrive home again.
  • Alarm Response. If your alarm is activated, our patrol officers will respond to verify whether or not it is a false alarm, and we will stay on site until your home is secure.

Home Builder Support

Handle Every detail from the start.

Our team will help you identify and install all security, audio/video, automation and data wiring needs before your home is built. We’ll incorporate the latest technologies with whole-home solutions for added convenience, comfort and functionality.

  • Home Theater/Media Room. Our team designs and installs home audio/video systems controlled with your Safeguard system.
  • Consulting. We’ll work with you to identify opportunities to increase efficiency and functionality before construction.
  • Automation Control. As a Control4 certified dealer, we’ll meet with you at our showroom to teach you about the latest technologies and create customized plans for your home.
  • Security Systems. Our team will provide a comprehensive design and installation of your security and camera systems.
  • Structured Wiring. We plan ahead to integrate all security, automation, data, video and monitoring systems before you finish building.