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Lower Your Business’s Energy Costs

Safeguard’s iManage service is an energy management solution that helps businesses lower their energy costs. iManage places the power to remotely manage lights, thermostats and locks in the palm of your hand. With your smartphone or the internet, you’ll be able to lower your energy bill and a whole lot more:

  • Manage Thermostats & Lights – Remotely adjust thermostats and turn lights on/off
  • Lower Energy Bill – Program the system to turn thermostats down and lights off when the business is closed
  • Stop Wasting Energy – Monitor and control thermostat usage
  • Complete Control – Remotely arm/disarm system, lock/unlock doors and control lights/thermostats

Safeguard combines security and energy management into one smart solution. Let us show you how a single command, like programming the security system to turn off lights and raise thermostats when armed “Away,” can save your business money.

Helping businesses manage and lower their energy costs… Safeguard is with you.